Yes, Virginia you can take 8% distributions in retirement!

Sure, Virginia you possibly can take 8% distributions in retirement!


Matter 1: The business has responded loudly to an announcement by Dave Ramsey that he could be snug about taking 8% a 12 months from a retirement account. 

⁠Here’s what Rob Berger has to say⁠

 In a current video answering a caller’s query, Dave Ramsey described these selling the 4% Rule as “silly,” “goobers,” and “morons. He described the 4% Rule as silly and stated he is “completely snug” with an 8% withdrawal price.

On this video, I will describe his rationale and why I am “completely snug” telling him he is incorrect. 

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⁠Dave Ramsey Video⁠


Right here is the most recent from Morningstar on withdrawal charges⁠


And one other good article from Amy Arnott from Morningstar

In my dialogue I attempt my greatest to clarify the true pondering by Dave Ramsey. 

Matter 2: “ iShares simply got here out with goal date funds as ETFs. What are your ideas on their returns and their tax effectivity?

Matter 3: Right this moment I listened to my 1st Youtube Paul Merriman video — your 

⁠Final Purchase & Maintain Replace 2023⁠

. Very intrigued by your technique as I am additionally a DIY investor. Since I am retired & 62 years outdated with a spouse that might be working for one more 3 years, are you able to direct me in direction of your extra particular info that might be extra related to my state of affairs?

Matter 4: 

⁠New examine on market timing vs. purchase and maintain from Vanguard


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