Sound Sensitivity or Hyperacusis: 5 Causes and Options


When you’ve got ADHD, OCD or nervousness, chances are you’ll be extra delicate to sound than the typical individual.

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Nails on a chalkboard or squealing automobile brakes are universally disagreeable. But when on a regular basis noises appear to trigger you extraordinary stress, you may have a situation that makes you hypersensitive to sounds.

There are not any checks for sound hypersensitivity, “so it’s a subjective expertise,” says Amy Sarow, AuD, a medical audiologist and Audiology Lead at Soundly.

However you is perhaps extra delicate to sound than most if sure on a regular basis sounds make you are feeling agitated, uncomfortable or indignant, and even trigger you bodily ache, she notes.

Although sound sensitivities cannot often be cured, there are methods to handle them. The most effective technique begins with determining what’s driving your discomfort.

Here is a take a look at a few of the commonest culprits and what you are able to do about them.

Hyperacusis is a uncommon listening to dysfunction the place regular, on a regular basis feels like water working or the hum of a automobile engine are perceived as unbearably loud, scary and even bodily uncomfortable.

“For instance, a person could expertise any sound at common conversational quantity as insupportable,” Sarow says.

The noises are sometimes accompanied by ear ringing, ear ache or feeling like your ears are about to pop.

Anybody can get hyperacusis, but it surely’s mostly triggered by long-term publicity to loud noises (like building or loud music) or a sudden publicity to loud noise (like fireworks), per the Cleveland Clinic.

Some individuals additionally develop it after surgical procedure or a head harm, as a response to a drugs or after sure infections, together with ear infections and Lyme illness.

Hyperacusis can be linked to a number of different circumstances — chances are you’ll be extra in danger for it in case you have:

  • Nervousness
  • Autism
  • Despair
  • Down syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Submit-traumatic stress dysfunction (PTSD)
  • Tempromandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)
  • Tinnitus

Repair It

Hyperacusis is manageable with sound remedy and counseling, says Sarow, throughout which you are uncovered to progressively louder sounds to make the expertise extra manageable.

Cognitive behavioral remedy might help you deal with detrimental emotions related to loud volumes, too.

Folks with misophonia — one other kind of listening to dysfunction — expertise rage or disgust once they hear sure noises. Widespread culprits embrace the sound of another person consuming, ingesting or respiration, in line with a June 2021 paper in ‌The Journal of Neuroscience‌.

In contrast to hyperacusis, it is the precise sound relatively than the amount that triggers a response, Sarow says.

Repair It

Sound remedy and counseling could make misophonia extra manageable. You will work with a sound therapist to step by step eradicate your reflex to the irritating sound and create a extra constructive affiliation, says Sarow.

Tinnitus, a situation marked by ringing or pulse in your ears when no sound is current, is extra widespread in older adults, and it would not at all times trigger sound hypersensitivity. However practically half of individuals with tinnitus have some extent of hyperacusis, in line with a November 2020 paper in ‌Present Opinion in Physiology‌.

Although consultants do not absolutely perceive the connection, “each contain a practical connection between the auditory and limbic techniques that lead to reactivity to sound,” Sarow says.

Repair It

Remedy could be useful for managing tinnitus (and the detrimental emotions that include it) and for serving to you study to tolerate progressively louder noises.

White noise machines and noise-masking gadgets worn in your ears may assist drown out the ringing, the Mayo Clinic notes.

In case your tinnitus is attributable to an underlying situation, like a blood vessel downside, surgical procedure to repair the issue might help clear up the tinnitus.

4. It is Nervousness or Obsessive-Compulsive Dysfunction (OCD)

Some proof exhibits that having nervousness or OCD would possibly make you extra liable to misophonia, Sarow notes.

In keeping with the Worldwide OCD Basis, the brains of individuals with nervousness or OCD is perhaps extra delicate to all types of sensory stimuli, which might trigger sure sounds to be irritating or robust to tolerate.

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Once more, remedy could also be the most suitable choice for studying higher tolerate sounds that set you off. Half of individuals with misophonia and OCD who underwent eight bi-weekly classes of cognitive behavioral remedy skilled an enchancment of their signs, discovered one August 2017 research within the ‌Journal of Affective Problems‌.

Folks with ADHD, a situation marked by impulsivity and bother focusing, are extra delicate to sensory info, together with sounds, in line with Sarow.

Sure sounds would possibly trigger you to really feel overstimulated, distracted or anxious, to the purpose the place you expertise bodily signs like a headache, dizziness or nausea, notes the Consideration Deficit Dysfunction Affiliation (ADDA).

Repair It

There is not any treatment for sensory overload when you may have ADHD. However you may scale back the emotions of overwhelm by pinpointing the sounds that appear to set off you after which limiting your publicity.

Sensory aids like noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs might help too, per the ADDA. And so can a every day rest routine: Yoga, deep respiration and meditation are all nice methods to handle the stress that may include sensory overload.

When to See a Physician About Sound Sensitivity

Having excessive sensitivity to sounds could be disturbing and make it tougher to work, go to high school and do the belongings you take pleasure in.

If this sound sensitivity is inflicting you emotional misery, interfering along with your every day life or work actions, or inflicting problem in your relationships, you must see an expert for assist, Sarow says.

“An analysis from a neurologist, an ENT or a psychologist might help decide the trigger and greatest remedy process,” she notes.


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