The ten Worst Meals To Eat for a Flat Stomach


Your weight-reduction plan can influence how flat your abdomen is in a number of methods. Whether or not it is bloating, gastrointestinal points, or extra fats round your stomach, the flatness of your abdomen is impacted tremendously by the meals and drinks you devour. Consuming a balanced, nutrient-dense weight-reduction plan is vital to a flat abdomen, however realizing particular objects that will have an effect on this might help you’re feeling extra ready in your targets.

The next checklist of “worst meals for a flat stomach” consists of a wide range of several types of meals, a few of which we nonetheless extremely suggest consuming regularly. For example, meals like cruciferous greens and legumes could trigger bloating temporality, however they provide so many essential well being advantages that they nonetheless belong in your common weight-reduction plan. Then again, some meals on this checklist are significantly better consumed carefully as a result of they might result in extra stomach fats and a few well being problems if eaten usually, akin to high-fat quick meals and refined carbohydrates.

So whereas indulging in your favourite once-in-a-blue-moon meals could cause bloating within the quick time period and maybe stomach fats in the long run, many wholesome meals can even trigger your abdomen to swell at occasions.

Under, dietitians clarify which meals are among the “worst” on the subject of stomach flatness. Learn on, then be certain that to take a look at the 12 Finest Meals for Outlined Abs.

Excessive-Fats Quick Meals

cheeseburgers with fries

A few of our favourite quick meals fare—assume cheeseburgers and French fries—are sky excessive in energy, fat, and sodium, which is the proper storm for a bloated stomach. “Quick meals are very calorie-dense, which means they supply numerous energy in a comparatively small quantity of meals. This will result in consuming extra energy than the physique wants, notably in the event that they’re eaten regularly,” says Danielle Crumble Smith, RDN, LD.

The trans fat discovered in lots of quick meals are notably regarding as a result of they’ll improve the chance of stomach weight problems and associated well being issues, Smith says. “The excessive content material of unhealthy fat can decelerate the digestive course of, resulting in a sense of fullness and bloating. Fat take longer to digest in comparison with carbohydrates and proteins, which may trigger discomfort within the gastrointestinal tract,” Smith says.

And since quick meals are usually excessive in sodium, they’ll result in water retention and a sense of being swollen or bloated. “Sodium causes the physique to retain water to keep up a balanced focus of salts, which may end up in short-term will increase in weight and a bloated feeling,” Smith says.

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Sugar Alcohols


Meals sweetened with sugar alcohols or polyols are frequent culprits in fuel manufacturing and bloating. “Sweeteners like mannitol and sorbitol are harder to digest—and when consumed, they journey by our digestive tract and promote fuel manufacturing from the fermentation course of within the massive gut,” says Annette Snyder, MS, RD, CSOWM, LD, a dietitian with Prime Vitamin Teaching.

Excessive-suspect meals embody sugar-free mints or gum, exhausting candies, goodies, and protein bars, however some pure meals can even comprise polyols, akin to dried plums, prune juice, pears, and pear juice, Snyder says.

To identify meals and drinks that will sneak in sugar alcohols, look underneath the “carbohydrates” part on a vitamin details label, and added sugar alcohols needs to be listed underneath there. Snyder recommends on the lookout for the ending “-ol” (as in sorbitol), or if not particularly named, examine the components checklist. Attempt to follow objects containing 5 grams or much less of sugar alcohols—or purpose to remain inside 10 to fifteen grams complete per day to assist keep away from bloating.

Cruciferous Greens

cruciferous vegetablescruciferous vegetables

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are all nice nutrient-dense greens, nevertheless it’s their health-promoting properties that may trigger bloating. “Cruciferous greens comprise massive quantities of sulfur compounds and sophisticated carbohydrates like fiber,” says Snyder.  “The sulfur compounds are referred to as glucosinolates, and as they break down within the intestines, they type compounds like hydrogen sulfide, which is what can strongly influence the odor of fuel.”

Regardless that they’ll trigger bloating, these glucosinolates are additionally linked to defending from critical ailments, together with colorectal most cancers, prostate most cancers, breast most cancers, and myocardial infarction, in accordance with a 2021 report in The Growth of Nutraceuticals and Conventional Medication.

What’s extra, cruciferous veggies have a sort of advanced carbohydrate referred to as raffinose, and people haven’t got the enzyme to interrupt it down. “When the undigested sugar hits the massive gut, the micro organism there begin to ferment it and produce fuel within the course of,” Snyder says. The fuel then can develop into trapped and trigger bloating.

This should not deter you from diving into crucigerous greens. As an alternative of avoiding them, save the roasted broccoli aspect dish or the cauliflower pizza for an evening in.

Potato Chips

ruffled potato chipsruffled potato chips

There is a cause why well being consultants at all times suggest portioning out potato chips as a substitute of consuming them straight out of the bag: It is nearly too straightforward to devour a big quantity in a single sitting. Potato chips are often excessive in each sodium and fats, which may contribute to bloating and weight achieve.

“The fat utilized in potato chips are sometimes saturated fat, which usually tend to be saved as physique fats, notably when consumed in extra,” Smith says. “They’re additionally excessive in easy carbohydrates, that are shortly damaged down into glucose, resulting in a spike in blood sugar ranges adopted by a fast drop, which may improve starvation and result in overeating.”

Plus, the excessive salt content material in potato chips could cause water retention and bloating. All that stated, it is nonetheless okay to get pleasure from potato chips every now and then—however be choosy concerning the potato chips you select. “Search for manufacturers which have a really quick ingredient checklist (lower than 5 components), and follow the serving measurement on the vitamin label,” Smith recommends.

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White Bread

slices white bread on plateslices white bread on plate

Fluffy white bread would be the cause you stay up for these lunchtime sandwiches, however it might probably contribute to bloating within the quick time period and doubtlessly weight achieve in the long run if it is a part of your common weight-reduction plan.

“White bread has a excessive glycemic index, which means it causes a fast spike in blood sugar ranges. This spike is adopted by a fast drop that may trigger starvation and stimulate a big insulin response,” Smith says. Bear in mind, insulin is a hormone that indicators cells to retailer vitality, primarily as fats—and over time, excessive insulin ranges can result in elevated fats storage. “Meals with a excessive glycemic index can even trigger the physique to retain water, resulting in a sense of bloating and puffiness because of the physique’s effort to steadiness blood sugar ranges by pulling water into the bloodstream,” Smith says.

White bread can also be very low in fiber, so it is much less filling than whole-grain toast. “This will result in consuming extra energy than wanted, because it would not present the identical degree of satiety or fullness,” Smith says. Not getting sufficient fiber in your weight-reduction plan, which regularly is a product of selecting refined-grain merchandise like white bread over whole-grain ones, can result in constipation, which may additionally trigger bloating.

“Moreover, in some people, refined carbohydrates like white bread will be quickly fermented by intestine micro organism, producing fuel and inflicting bloating. That is very true for folks with delicate digestive techniques or situations like IBS or SIBO (Small Gut Bacterial Overgrowth),” Smith says.

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White Pasta

various pasta shapesvarious pasta shapes

White pasta is a bloat and weight achieve offender in the identical method that white bread is. For starters, white pasta has a excessive glycemic index, so it might probably spike your blood sugar shortly, resulting in carb cravings and an elevated insulin response, which may set off fats storage over time.

What’s extra, “common consumption of refined carbohydrates can alter the steadiness of intestine microbiota, doubtlessly resulting in dysbiosis, or an imbalance in intestine micro organism that may trigger bloating and different digestive points,” Smith says.

And the toppings you pair your pasta with may play a task in how puffy you’re feeling. Excessive-salt cheeses and meats could cause you to retain water, resulting in bloat.


dried beans, lentils, and legumesdried beans, lentils, and legumes

Legumes, which embody meals akin to kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas, and lentils, are wealthy in fiber. Whereas fiber is a wholesome nutrient that helps coronary heart and intestine well being, consuming a big quantity in a single sitting — particularly in case your physique is not used to plenty of fiber in your weight-reduction plan — could cause fuel and bloating. And like cruciferous greens, legumes comprise raffinose, a posh carb that people can not digest nicely, Snyder says. “When that compound reaches the massive gut, the micro organism there begin to ferment it and produce fuel.”

Nonetheless, legumes are a superb supply of fiber, plant protein, and different helpful vitamins, so plan to include them into your weight-reduction plan, simply possibly not earlier than an occasion or an evening out.

You could find legumes canned, dried, in some gluten-free pastas or snack meals, or blended into meat-free options — examine the components checklist if doubtful!

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Dairy—in case you’re lactose illiberal

dairy productsdairy products

Cream cheese bagels and ice cream sundaes are widespread bloating culprits, however solely in sure populations. Individuals with lactose intolerance cannot digest lactose, a sort of sugar present in dairy. When folks with this widespread situation eat lactose-containing dairy, they’re going to typically expertise bloating, fuel, ache, and diarrhea. “Some folks have lactose intolerance early on in life, whereas some develop a difficulty later. As we age, we make much less of the enzyme (lactase) that breaks down lactose into less complicated sugars that the physique can deal with,” Snyder says.

You probably have lactose intolerance, meals like dairy milk and ice cream are usually main culprits on the subject of bloating. “Meals with extra of the lactose eliminated, akin to exhausting cheeses, could also be tolerated nicely. Yogurt could also be tolerated in some [people], attributable to its lively probiotic cultures,” Snyder says. Search for components indicating a supply of lactose (milk and milk powder), she suggests.


beer in glassbeer in glass

It is referred to as a beer stomach for a cause. Beer is bloating in a number of methods:  “First, it is carbonated, so that you swallow air as you drink, and that air can get trapped within the intestine,” Snyder says. “Beer historically accommodates wheat and gluten, which may trigger bloating, fuel, ache, and/or diarrhea in somebody illiberal to wheat or gluten,” Snyder provides.

Nevertheless it’s not simply beer that may result in stomach fats and bloating — it is actually any kind of alcoholic beverage. “Alcohol itself interacts with our regular, wholesome intestine micro organism,” Snyder says. “When that steadiness of fine micro organism modifications, one could expertise a rise in fuel manufacturing and bloating.”

Ingesting an excessive amount of alcohol could cause stomach fats not solely as a result of it is excessive in energy, but additionally because of the method your physique metabolizes it. “If you drink alcohol, your physique prioritizes metabolizing the alcohol first. This course of can decelerate the burning of fat and different vitamins, resulting in their storage within the physique as fats,” Smith says. “Alcohol can even decrease inhibitions, stimulate urge for food and scale back self-control, which regularly results in elevated meals consumption, notably of high-calorie, greasy, or sugary meals.”

However chances are you’ll even discover the distending results shortly after sipping a cocktail. “Alcohol can irritate the gastrointestinal lining, resulting in irritation and bloating,” Smith says.

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Sugary Smoothies and Juices


Juices and smoothies are sometimes marketed as wholesome drinks as a result of they pack just a few servings of fruit. However they’re typically very excessive in energy and sugar, which may contribute to each weight achieve and bloating.

“Liquid energy, particularly these with minimal fiber and protein, are much less satiating in comparison with strong meals, which suggests they’ll contribute to the next general caloric consumption as they do not make you’re feeling as full,” Smith says. “And whereas fruits themselves are wholesome, mixing massive portions can result in consuming extra sugar and energy than you’d usually eat in case you had been consuming entire fruits.”

Not solely that, however the high-sugar and low-fiber mixture in these drinks could cause your blood sugar to spike, triggering the discharge of insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar ranges by selling the storage of glucose in tissues. “Frequent consumption of high-sugar smoothies can result in constantly excessive insulin ranges within the blood, encouraging the physique to retailer extra fats,” Smith says.

What’s extra, sure sugars, akin to fructose present in fruits, will be troublesome for some folks to digest absolutely. “This undigested sugar will be fermented by intestine micro organism, producing fuel and resulting in bloating,” Smith says. And consuming an excessive amount of sugar too typically can disrupt the steadiness of intestine microbiota, doubtlessly resulting in dysbiosis (or an imbalance within the intestine micro organism), which may result in digestive points akin to bloating.

It is best to skip juices altogether since they’re often fully devoid of fiber, however in case you like ingesting your fruits, make your personal smoothies at residence utilizing a balanced recipe. Smith recommends together with lower-sugar fruits (like berries), greens (like spinach or kale), sources of wholesome fat (like avocado or nuts), and proteins (like Greek yogurt or protein powder) and preserving portion sizes cheap.


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