That is the brightest projector I’ve ever examined — and it is perhaps one of the best, too


Whereas the query of changing your 4K TV with a 4K projector can nonetheless be a tricky one to deal with, it’s fairly clear that projectors have a number of upsides and disadvantages to them, chief amongst them being their measurement and brightness. 

Ambient gentle, nevertheless, stays the largest hurdle as even a number of the very greatest projectors battle with tackling exterior and invasive daylight — that’s why we go to the film theaters in pitch black darkness, in any case. However, charged with elevated lumens, measured by way of the American Nationwide Requirements Institute (ANSI), projectors can actually battle again in opposition to ambient lighting, with the benchmark for apt daylight projector use being round 3,000 ANSI lumens and up. 

Epson LS800 on stand in living room playing Shogun

(Picture credit score: Future)

Enter Epson’s EpiqVision Extremely LS800, which measures at 4,000 lumens, one of many highest amongst UST projectors, marking it an utter beast in opposition to daylight — and it reveals. Daylight wasn’t the one impediment Epson thought of when designing its LS800, because the devoted HDMI port that bypasses its Android 11 OS, permitting for a purported underneath 20ms of enter lag, is a large boon for avid gamers. 


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